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Villa Meri is a well-preserved historic hotel complex in the center of Pärnu next to Koidula park. The complex contains the villa, built in 1924 and the yard house, built in 2002.
The villa is unique with its historical background; the main house was built by the composer and music teacher Heindrich Meri, who lived in this house from 1925 to 1980. The house belongs to one of the most beautiful cultural monuments in Pärnu-preserved Art Nouveau buildings.

The original shape of the house, and many of the interior design elements are completely stored. It is said that the composer Meri had a deep impression on the tragic-looking and laughing masks designed by Finnish architect Lindgren. Meri saw the masks on the walls of theater Vanemuine’s small house’s hall, he wrote a letter to Lindgren and asked permission to use them in his house. The mask is currently Villa Meri logo.

Villa Meri is located on a peaceful street in the city center. Accomandation has everything you need for a pleasant and joyful vecation with family or friends. A large outdoor area under the apple trees you can enjoy morning breakfast and barbecue. It is a perfect place to relax and let go of the day to day stress.

At Villa Meri we offer lease rooms, apartments, houses or entire villa complex. We accommodate up to 45 people.

Uku Meri, Heinrich Meri's Grandson


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